Famous Places


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  • The Fort of Hund:: This is an ancient fort situated on the right bank of River Indus. It was built by Moria Emperors before the birth of Crist. This was a gateway to India. All conquerors like "Alexender The Great" crossed the River Indus at this point.

  • Rani Ghat:: These are the ruins of Gandhara Civilization and is situated on the top of a mountain. It is believed that these are the ruins of a big university of that time.

  • Tarbela Dam:: The largest mud dam of the world.

  • Ghazi Barotha Dam:: Situated on River Indus for supplying water to Barotha Hydle Power Generation Plant through a long water channel.

  • Pehure High Level Canal:: The first of its kind in Asia & second in the world. The whole canal has the same level and the water level along with the water flow is controled automatically.

  • Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute of Engineering and Technology:: One of the most advanced and top level instituation dilivering the high quality education in science and technology.

  • Kernal Sher Khan Cadit College:: This is the first Cadet College of Swabi and is made in the memory and honour of Kernal Sher Khan Shaheed (Nishan-e-Haider).

  • The Industrial Etate of Gadoon Amazai:: An Industrial Estate where hundreds of small scale production units of different kinds are operating.

  • Kund Park:: A famous Resort and National Park