Welcome to Swabi--- The Place of Real Pukhtoons

Swabi is the Fourth largest and well-known district of North West Frontier Province in Pakistan. Swabi is Surrounded by mountains and is situated on the bank of river Indus which is also called AbaSeen ( The father of all rivers ). Therefor it has got a beautiful sight. The soil of Swabi is very fertile therefor there is greenery every where and nearly all kind of crops are cultivated here. The people of  Swabi  belong to the respectable race of Yousafzai. They are ever smiling, hard working, brave and hospitable. In this Website you will see Different things from others Website, Your Comments well helping us to improve this Website. If you have any other information about Swabi then Contact Web Master.

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  • Disrtict Name : Swabi
  • Area : 1,543 km2 (595.8 sq mi)
  • Populations : 1,826,804 ( 2005 A,D)
  • Number of Tehsils : 4 ( Swabi, Lahor, Topi and Razar )
  • Number of Union Councils :  56
  •  Main Clans:: Yousafzai are in majority. Others include Razars/Rajars, Utman, Jadoon/Gadoon and Khattak.

    Religion:: Muslims 99.6 per cent, Ahmadi 0.3 per cent and Christian 0.1 per cent
  • Main Languages:: Pushto 96.4 per cent; Others 3.6 per cent.
  • Literacy Rate:: 70 per cent (High ratio in all districts of Pakistan).
  • Economically Active Population:: 25 percent of the total population.
  • Main Occupations:: Professionals 24.3 per cent; Technicians 3.2 per cent; Clerks 2.6 per cent; Service and shop workers 8.6 per cent; Agriculture workers 52.6 per cent; Craft and related trade workers 3.2 per cent; Plant and machine operators 3.7 per cent; Elementary occupations 21 per cent, Armed forces 30.7 per cent


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